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Global Awareness

For thousands of years humans have known the Earth is not flat, yet gravity constrains us to the surface of what we tend to perceive as relatively planar territories.

In these pages are some ideas and resources offering ways to visualize a more 3-dimensional Earth.

The goal of this project is to provide an intuitive sense of where other cities, peoples, continents and oceans are relative to your given spot on the planet. I put this website together in the hopes it could be a way of sharing ideas and evolving technologies that make this possible.

It’s not clear exactly where the experiment will go at this point. I'm curious to know if the collaborative development model that’s evolved around open source software could be relevant here to the development of exhibitry and public art (see this book for an interesting read on OS software).

The calculator on the locate page is released under the GPL, and the links page points to free software and formulas that could be useful in developing some of the ideas outlined under products. Additional resources are posted here on my personal site.

John Magolske
San Francisco   
37° 45' 06" N   122° 33' 17" W